About US

GreenStructure–a multidisciplinary environmental consulting firm, housing over 30 years of experience in the built environment.

Educating and helping building owners to adapt to changing environments. With an emphasis on sustainable building impacts and high-performance, resilient building envelope solutions, GreenStructure focuses on managing risk at every step.

Sustainable Master Planning

GreenStructure has taken a system thinking approach by consulting with architects, engineers, owners and manufacturers in the development of specifications and drawings that meet the highest technical standards.

  • Roof recycling and landfill diversion of C&D materials
  • On-structure vegetated solutions, diagnostics, and maintenance
  • Energy efficiency through the building envelope
  • Rooftop solar
  • Market position strategies based on carbon mitigation and resilience solutions
  • Evaluating and reporting on potential risks and hazards posed to employees, contractors, and communities through raw material and product exposure
  • Community and campus design Charrettes